We have all seen those adverts on Facebook:“get 1000 Facebook likes for your Facebook page, drop your link in the comments”.
The questions many of you may ask when you see this are: – does this really work?- how much does it cost?- who is liking my page?- is it safe?- would this be beneficial for my businesses marketing?- is it worth the cost?- what are the alternatives to build my page following?
Today you will be getting the answers to that question from us – the Digital Marketing experts. 

Q1: Does it really work?
Yes. It does. If you pay for 1000 Facebook likes, depending on the service you are using, within a few hours your Facebook page will be populated with these additional likes.
Please do be aware that some people offering these services ARE fraudulent – so make sure you have a reference before paying for this.

Q2: How much does it cost?
The services vary depending on the service provider. We have purchased likes for clients who have requested it in the past from a reputable provider for the cost of $40 for 1000 likes.
If you see a cost that is a lot cheaper than this, I would personally be weary of them.

Q3: Who is liking my page?
There is a lot of debate about this. The page likes will be from all around the world. Most of these likes will be from fake accounts (accounts set up for the purpose of liking pages for money). You do also run the risk of having people who you have previously blocked on your page liking it again.

Q4: Is it safe?
All the company should ask you for is your Facebook URL. That would be www.facebook.com followed by your business pages username. For our page this would be www.facebook.com/pistolandhoney
Providing you only supply them with the above, then yes, it is safe.
DO NOT PROVIDE THEM WITH ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. This is the only information necessary for them to get you the page likes.
Do NOT supply them with your log in details or any other private details relating to your Facebook account or business page.

Q5: Would this be beneficial for my business marketing?
This is a slightly complex question to answer because the answer is yes and no depending on your marketing goal.
Is you aim to increase amount of page likes to “authenticate” your page through a large following? If so, this strategy of buying page likes will be successful.
Is your aim to build an audience (people who follow your page and engage with your posts) and a community, then this strategy will not be in any way helpful to you.

Q6: Is it worth the cost?
If your goal is purely to increase the number of people who have liked your page, then this is the most cost-effective manner in which to do so. You will find this is a lot cheaper than engaging in “Page Likes” campaigns through Facebook itself.

Q7: What are the alternatives to building my page likes?
The best way to build an actual following on Facebook, consisting of real followers who have actual interest in you and your product/services and who are likely to convert into real sales is the good old fashioned way…
+ Create relevant and interesting content on your page. + Ensure your images are eye catching and draw your target audience in.+ Boost your posts correctly and through an external ads manager program+Post regularly+ Most importantly – have a professional handle your Facebook account for you.
A lot of people ask us why its important to have their Facebook run by a digital agency rather than doing it themselves. In next weeks blog we will explore this further. But for now let’s just summarise it as this: unless you are a marketing specialist with extensive digital experience you will not be able to get the most out of digital marketing and give your business the leveraging power it deserves by doing your own marketing. 

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