Lol Moments

We really, really love our clients. Each of them are amazing in their respective industries and absolute masters at what they do.
However, their requests and responses to us are sometimes just so hilarious for those of us marketers who are “in the know” we had to share them with you, because there isn’t a person in this world who couldn’t benefit from more laughter in their day!

Before I poke fun at anyone else though – let me admit to one of my own epic failings: When I was in my final undergraduate year we had to do an oral presentation on Silicon Valley for our Media Studies course. I failed to prep for it and went into the tutorial intending on “winging it” by taking
about what I thought Silicon Valley was: The rise of plastic surgery and the pursuit of perfection due to media influence. Yup. I was thinking silicone as in breast implants and valley as in Hollywood. I was pretty much ready to get some value from all of those Dr 90210 episodes I had watched. Luckily the first person to start with their presentation had actually understood the topic and I had to hurriedly reassess my intended performance on the rise in breast augmentations and lip fillers.

Laughing Emoji Lol

Now that I have bared my own soul and admitted to one of my spectacular failings – please enjoy some clients slight misunderstandings that have made our day!


P+H: I’m just going to call the printer to find out about bleed and trim and then we will get right on the design for it.
Client: We are not anticipating anyone to cut themselves on it, so there is no need to worry about blood getting on them. Just start designing.
Bloody hell.


P+H: I’ve attached the CE for your website design as well as monthly SEO costings.
Client: We actually don’t have budget for the website right now. Can we just get started with the SEO in the meantime?
Houston, we have a problem!


P+H: I’ve up loaded the video file to your Facebook drafts for you to take a look at before we post
Client: I can’t find it there, can you send it via Whatsapp
P+H: That will compress it and you wanted high res, I’ll add it to your dropbox for you
Client: I’m not quite sure how to use dropbox, is there any other way you can send it to me?
P+H: I’ve just sent the file via Wetransfer, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the file.
Client: I’ve been trying to download the file and I just don’t seem to be able to do it. Is there any other way you can send this?
P+H: Do you have telegram or could you download it from the App Store – its as easy as downloading WhatsApp
Client: Ummm
P+H: I’ll come bring you the file! drives an hour to client
When you try your best but you don’t succeed…


Client: We are looking to run a full digital marketing campaign on whichever platforms you recommend for our brand
P+H: Awesome, what is your budget?
Client: Money is not an issue, simply quote us on what will provide us with the best exposure and help us sell our product
P+H: creates thorough proposal with detailed costings
Client: Assessing Costings This is far too expensive. What can we do for R2500 a month?
Not quite the scenario we anticipated!

Smiling Emoji Face

Please let me know if you can relate to the above?
To our amazing clients, thank you for being so super to work with, and for providing us with the occasional chuckle. I’m sure as we started to learn about your businesses we provided you with a couple of laughs too! As my older siblings always said to me while I was growing up: we are not laughing at you, we are laughing with you! If you are looking for your #SpiritAgency look no further than Pistol + Honey