Digital Auditing

My brother in law is a very successful architect. Whenever we spend time with him I hear him critiquing the design of houses that I felt were actually great. He will proceed to grab whatever writing implements are on hand and on whatever available writing surface exists (newspaper
margins and restaurant napkins included) begin to plot out a far better layout for the house in question. Each time as I sit there, revelling in his genius and architectural mastery, I am reminded that no matter how many episodes of Grand Designs I watch; my architectural abilities are an
absolute joke next to the experience and knowledge of a true expert.

The question is – how do you know that your digital account truly is being run by a digital expert? Just as my brother in law puts my amateur design skills to shame; your digital portfolio should be in the hands of an expert who makes you feel computer illiterate in comparison to their vast knowledge.

As a digital agency owner our clientele can be divided into roughly three groups:
(i) Those who have never engaged in digital marketing before.
(ii) Those who have previously managed their digital marketing in house.
(iii) Those who have previously used another agency to manage their digital portfolio.

Reading the above you would probably assume that the companies who previously used other agencies had the best digital framework in place for us to start on. This is not necessarily the case at all.

With larger agencies we sometimes see such high management fees, that the client is unable to afford the full extent of digital services required to really penetrate the market. With some small agencies, we sometimes see a graduate who started their own business with no agency experience and now think they are digital experts, with all the know-how to marketing your business because they consider themselves a Social Media Influencer. With the work from some larger agencies we can see that it is clear they have multiple people working on the backend, each with a different strategy and method, leaving it in absolute disarray. With some in house marketing, their digital overview is so one dimensional, because it is physically impossible for one or two people to cover every aspect of digital marketing that is needed for their brand.

Digital Footprint
Digital Footprint

If the above paragraph made you think: you’re telling me a lot of problems and I only care about solutions; firstly – stop being so impatient, I am about to get there! Secondly – if you are starting to wonder about the quality of your digital footprint – you should, because:
Big Bucks Spent DOES NOT EQUAL Great Digital Marketing
Cheap Offers DOES NOT EQUAL Great Value

Finally getting to the point: The best way to figure out if you are maximising your digital capacity is to have a digital audit. Even if your current digital is going well and providing you with loads of leads – you may be missing out on even more. A complete digital audit will look at your entire digital footprint and analyse your strong and weak points, in essence a SWOT analysis of each of your digital activities. It is the way we start off any
working relationship with a client, as this enables us to ensure that we are taking them from Point A (where they are) to Point B (where they want to be).

Digital Audits

We love digital because it’s so fully measurable. Take advantage of that. Know your digital status. It really is the right thing to do. For a full digital audit, contact Pistol + Honey Digital Marketing Agency on