The word “audit” is usually not seen in a positive light. However, a digital audit will provide you with the framework to assess and progress.

What is a Digital Audit:

This consists of a complete evaluation of your businesses online presence. We use the latest online tools to analyse your businesses digital footprint. This includes: google search results, customer feedback websites, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media, your website as well as external websites that mention you or point to you.

If you allow us access to the backend of your website and other digital accounts, we are able to provide you with an even more detailed report listing conversion rates and the current value your online collective offering provides your business with. We compile all of this information into a research document, which includes a brief analysis of your competitors and their digital market

We then provide you with a succinct list of what is working well and you should continue with and what could do with improving. We even assist you with suggestions as to things you can implement to improve these weak areas and gaps in your online marketing portfolio.

We are also able to provide you with additional information and research that you may require for your specific business: For example, for a client consider opening an online store for their homeopathic brand in South Africa; we would provide them with an additional research document
detailing the online store and sector trends within South Africa as well as a background with what is happening in the sphere internationally.

Who Needs This Service:

We have several clients who use this service, they can be broken down into three basic groups:

1. New Pistol + Honey Clients: It is very helpful to begin this process with a digital audit. The audit provides us with a “Point A” (where we currently are) so that we can track and monitor the improvements that we make to their marketing, allowing them to reach “Point B” (where
they want to be).

2. Internal Marketing Departments: When a closed team works on a brand consistently it is vital to get additional external support to ensure that the team is going in the right direction with their
marketing and that they are not wasting time and resources pursuing a route that is not actually benefitting the company.

3. Brands with Other Agencies: If a Brand Manager is uncertain as to whether their digital agency is providing them with a high standard of digital support, they are able to get an independent digital audit to impartially assess the results of the campaigns their agency is running for them. In such cases we are able to provide this feedback for them, allowing them to analyse as to whether their agency is offering the results and value they desire.