The world we are living in can accurately be described as two things:

aesthetic + fast paced

This means that the collateral your business produces needs to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive as well as easily recognisable (ensuring your target market will recognise your brand in an instant).

At Pistol + Honey we have a passion for making life beautiful, for making functional have stand-out and form to look phenomenal. We take businesses and give them a personality through our fresh design and superior grasp of the aesthetic.

Our graphic design solutions provide you with design-everything; from logos, business cards, email signatures (the full Corporate Identity) to print advertisements, signage, branding, gifting and business collateral.

We also offer an illustration service, creating unique and artistic design. The application of these is perfect for packaging design, providing your business with once off illustrations to depict your brand best.

You run your business like a pro, and we will make sure it looks fabulous while you do.