+ Outsourcing to South Africa

In the recent months we have received many meeting requests, requests to quote and ultimately business from other countries, specifically those in Europe and the United Kingdom.

There are many advantages to outsourcing your businesses services to us, here in South Africa. These include:

+ Financial Benefits:

The South African Rand (ZAR) is a weak currency. On this day of writing (23 September 2019) our ZAR is currently trading at:

ZAR 14.91 to 1 USD

ZAR 16.39 to 1 EUR

ZAR 15.04 to 1 CHF

ZAR 18.54 to 1 GBP

ZAR 10.10 to 1 AUS

Due to this, outsourcing to Pistol + Honey in South Africa enables you to receive premium services at a far smaller Cost To Company than you would receive by having the same work done in Europe, The United States, United Kingdom or Australia.

+ Native English Speaking:

By outsourcing to Pistol + Honey you are working with native English speakers. As South Africa was a British colony, there are no language, cultural or accent barriers to stand in the way of communication.

+ Work Ethic & Education:

South Africans are known to have very strong work ethics. We work hard and long hours and are known for our tenacity and ingenuity. We have a brilliant university system and our Director has completed post graduate level at one of the best universities, the University of Cape Town.

+ Infrastructure:

In urban South Africa we have brilliant telecoms, fast internet lines and good telecommunication systems. This allows us to be easily contactable and allow us to complete work promptly with out disruptions.

+ Time Zone:

We fall under South African Standard Time (SAST), which is the same time zone as Central European Summer Time (CEST). Having time zones that are aligned, allows for communications to be simple and easy, with our business hours being identical.

+ Online Solutions:

As Pistol + Honey offer a wide array of digital solutions, we are able to provide you these services without interruption remotely from South Africa.