SEO is a combination of factors that determines where your website shows up when searched for online. Search Engine Optimisation is an organic form of advertising.

People are already searching for the products and services that you offer, SEO ensures that you rank as high up in the organic search results as possible. By doing this, people are more likely to click through to your website.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services include:


  • Research

SEO Research + Keyword Volume Analysis + Competitor | Industry Research

  • Site Analysis

Analysing Mobile Responsiveness + User Friendly Navigation + Online Speed Test

  • Image + Text Meta Descriptions

 Input of Metadata Descriptions | Editing of Text Paragraphs + Headings for SEO + Alternative Image Tags

  • Page Titles + Sitemaps

Renaming of page titles + URLs for ease of access + indexing | Creation and submission of sitemaps

  • Site Checking

SEO Grading | Removing broken links + duplicate content on pages for Google crawling



  • Reporting

Monthly performance updates + snapshots of Website traffic, Visitor Statistics + Search terms + bounce rates

  • Keyword Maintenance

Reviewing + Updating of Keywords + Search Terms + Online Trends | Reporting on Keyword Outcomes

  • SEO Health + Grading

Reviewing SEO Grading + Search Engine Ranking | Editing ineffective + inactive content / links causing negative SEO

  • News Updates + Blogs

News updates on products + services Blog + FAQ articles written in high density of frequently searched keywords

  • Link Building / Back Linking 

Getting Website Domain active and pointing on other relevant Blogs, Websites + Social Media Forums to increase Search Engine Ranking

  • Google

Requesting client + customer reviews + testimonies along with rich media for Google Maps +  Including service offerings on Google to extend online presence + Brand awareness