Clients approach us for several different reasons. Each time we begin the process by isolating the exact marketing requirements they are looking to have fulfilled. We then proceed to define what our clients would deem a success to look like in these areas. Once these parameters have been defined, its straight onto smashing these goals for our clients and giving their businesses the support and boost they require.


We focus on creating user –friendly, secure websites that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and of industry standard. A good website takes into account both how your visitors utilise the site and how it will be indexed on search engines.

We keep these guidelines in mind when designing to ensure that websites have the perfect ratio of images and text.

P+H websites are laid out in an easy to read manner, while also meeting all the requirements for search engines, allowing you to appear in relevant search results relating to your services.

Our websites are designed to maximise call-to-action. We ensure you are contactable and your services are easy to order with minimal effort and navigation from the end user, thus making potential sales easier to convert.


We create stores that allow for purchasing of products and services online. This method of sales is a rapidly expanding market due to the convenience factor for consumers.

We create online stores for businesses that assist them in entering into a far greater market place, one that is not as confined geographically as a traditional store locations are.

We take the items from your store stock list, photograph and index them per price and description. We then optimise products for a user- friendly online shopping experience that is guaranteed to increase your sales footprint.


SEO is a combination of factors that determines where your website shows up when searched for online. Search Engine Optimization is an organic form of advertising.

People are already searching for the products and services that you offer, SEO ensures that you rank as high up in the organic search results as possible. By doing this, people are more likely to click through to your website.


These are paid advertisements that show up in search results on Google, YouTube and various other apps and websites. When someone searches a keyword phrase online that’s relevant to your service offering Google will rank your ad ahead of other search results.

Unlike SEO, Google Ads mean you Pay Per Click (PPC Advertising) through to your website. These ads are highly cost-effective and ensure you an immediate increase of relevant website traffic.

P+H reporting of Google Ads provides you with detailed insights as to conversion rates of your advertisements and demographics of people visiting your website.

We provide a strategy that aligns and integrates appropriately to provide a consistent and ubiquitous online presence that is ready for call-to-action. This will increase sales and conversion rates while maintaining a cost-effective budget.


Indexing all relevant contact information to Google (Phone, Email, Address, Location and so on) so that your business is still contactable when searched, even if potential clients do not actually click through to your website.


We create custom, tailored social media strategies that are suited for your specific business needs. Social Media is a huge and growing market place with great potential for businesses to both advertise their products and services as well as gain valuable market insights into their customers.

Social Media for business use is vastly different from social media for personal use. At P+H, we know how to keep your businesses presence social via online platforms, whilst still maintaining a professional brand identity.

P+H creates social media content that is eye catching and appealing for users to view and engage with. Consistency is key with social media. Our strategies ensure that potential customers are constantly reminded of your services.

Our strategies are based on up to the minute research into the various platforms and operating algorithms. These ensure our post reach is on average 80% higher than the average business pages rates.

Each post we create has a specific goal and desired outcome. The success of these are detailed in weekly reports. Our social media strategies are assessed and tweaked weekly to ensure that every post we create is in line with the over arching marketing plan and delivering on our pre-set social media goals.


We specialise in social media photography for businesses that represents your brand and maintains your company’s image.

Our photo shoots capture and produce high resolution images that are synonymous to your service offering, while still encompassing current marketplace trends.


We create custom video content for businesses designed specifically for online use. Our short videos assist your company in showcasing your services or products in an appealing manner.

Short videos are the most effective type of content on the internet. With an abundance of information online, we ensure that our video content catches audiences’ attention and keeps them viewing.


We provide bulk email sending services. These emails included custom designed artwork, crafted copy and strategic, personalised Call To Action (CTA) button to maximise the desired outcome of the mail.

These mailers are measured digitally and reported in such a way that you will be able to tell which of the recipients have opened the email and exactly how many times the mail has been read. This will assist in generating hot leads that will be easier to close than traditional cold calling.

Our services also include database creation.


SMS marketing is a budget-friendly and useful direct form of advertising. The average SMS is read in under 30 seconds by recipients, which is why it is such an effective form of advertising.

P+H create custom message databases that are specifically targeted towards your business’ market niche. We focus on creating custom message copy, which grabs the attention of the recipient. Each message includes the relevant Call To Action (CTA) for your products or services.

The world we are living in can accurately be described as two things:

aesthetic + fast paced

This means that the collateral your business produces needs to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive as well as easily recognisable (ensuring your target market will recognise your brand in an instant).

At Pistol + Honey we have a passion for making life beautiful, for making functional have stand-out and form to look phenomenal. We take businesses and give them a personality through our fresh design and superior grasp of the aesthetic.

Our graphic design solutions provide you with design-everything; from logos, business cards, email signatures (the full Corporate Identity) to print advertisements, signage, branding, gifting and business collateral.

We also offer an illustration service, creating unique and artistic design. The application of these is perfect for packaging design, providing your business with once off illustrations to depict your brand best.

You run your business like a pro, and we will make sure it looks fabulous while you do.


Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Keep it on brand.

Those are our copy writing mottos.

We are sure you have had the unfortunate experience of reading badly written business copy on websites, social media or some form of business collateral. It’s a huge turn off. And it can cause you to lose faith in the brand in an instant.

Do not fear, Pistol + Honey is near and our copy writing is absolutely fabulous, darling.


Marketing research is the first step in a thorough marketing plan. It is vital to understand not just what your industry has already done; but also to have an understanding of the future of your industry and the trends and events that effect its growth and progress.

At Pistol + Honey we provide you with thorough research documents that roadmap a substantiated path forward to grow your brand and reach your exact business goals. Each research document is especially prepared by citing reputable industry professionals both locally and internationally. We conclude our documents with recommendations as to how to integrate and best apply these findings to enhance your business.

As we are a full service agency, we then offer our services at a competitive rate to implement these findings and grow your brand.


The word “audit” is usually not seen in a positive light. However, a digital audit will provide you with the framework to assess and progress.

This consists of a complete evaluation of your businesses online presence. We use the latest online tools to analyse your businesses digital footprint. This includes: google search results, customer feedback websites, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media, your website as well as external websites that mention you or point to you.

If you allow us access to the backend of your website and other digital accounts, we are able to provide you with an even more detailed report listing conversion rates and the current value your online collective offering provides your business with. We compile all of this information into a research document, which includes a brief analysis of your competitors and their digital market


We live in a day and age where consumers desire instant results. One such way to deliver results like this is via a custom mobile app.

The purpose of an app is to seamlessly connect and interact with customers. Thus making it a valuable tool for the modern business.

Pistol + Honey offer custom built, interactive apps that fulfil our clients exact spec, needs and vision. As we are a full service agency we are able to provide you with a complete app solution; from concept, strategy and development to marketing and driving app downloads and sales.

Our app development team have vast experience in building mobile apps for businesses and corporates, including large financial institutions.

You have a vision – let us make that a reality.


Pistol + Honey create short animated videos. The focus of these is on explaining a business idea in a simple, engaging and compelling way. The combination of clear and concise language with appealing and attractive visuals, quickly grab the viewer’s attention.

Animated explainer videos are great for your websites SEO value. They also work well with the Facebook algorithm and get a higher impression rate than static images.

These videos are the perfect solution for teaching or explaining concepts to both internal and external parties. They are also rated as being seven times more effective in learning and retaining information than traditional methods.

Our videos can be translated into any language and offer a brilliant solution to both your businesses marketing and teaching requirements.


We produce custom animations for our clients projects. The scope of these is limitless, depending on our clients business requirements.

Technical 3D animations are created for engineering, design and architectural purposes. These are invaluable for our clients in house training experiences as well as to showcase their technical designs to their clients.

Our animations are created to their exact design and spec, and we are able to manufacture these videos from their existing 3D renders; bringing our clients technical work to life in video format.