Creating Video Content for your businesses’ Social Media platforms is a great way to showcase your company’s products and service offerings in a visual way for customers and potential customers to see.

Why video content ?

Videos are currently the best performing type of media content on social media and are more likely to receive engagement than other types of posts thanks to current algorithms. 97% of all Social Media users in South Africa watch online videos, in 2019 Social Media users grew by 9% to 3.484 billion users worldwide, the average South African spends 2 hours 48 minutes on social media a day. Facebook alone has over 500 million video views per day.

With faster internet connections, improved cameras in smartphones & DSLRs, as well as the introduction of AI and AR technology, online video has boomed exponentially in the recent years to a point where content creators are struggling to keep up with the content demand from online viewers. Both the marketplace and demand for video is growing rapidly online making it a great form of advertising content for businesses to invest in. According to Forbes, 87% of online marketers are harnessing the power of video content for their marketing strategies and over half of them claim that it is the content medium with the best return on investment.

Communicating with your audience through video content.

Video can be a far more visually descriptive way for your brand to communicate with audiences and profile your market offering. Social videos can close the gap with consumers between discovering a product and making a purchase, videos can even recreate the energy and urgency of a traditional shopping experience and fast track a sale in a buyer’s decision making process. In essence, video adverts will make your brand seem far more tangible and/or legitimate to potential customers than traditional text updates or images.

From video to sales and purchase

According to recent surveys, almost 50% of Internet users say that they seek out videos related to a product before purchasing it at a store, 90% of consumers said that watching a product video helps them make purchasing decisions. In addition, research shows that four times as many consumers prefer watching a video about a product rather than reading about it.

How users consume content.

With Social Media, users are inundated with thousands of advertising messages on a daily basis, social media users have also developed a shorter attention span online while scrolling through content due to the amount of information out there. Video content that grabs audiences attention in the first few seconds of being played is more likely to be viewed. The most watched and shared videos on Facebook & Instagram are under a minute in length, therefore creating video content that is short, simple and to the point is more likely to be seen and watched until the end.

Creating video content to suit your brand

Keeping videos catchy, creative and concise is essential for businesses and companies wanting to generate sales related content for their online platforms. When creating video productions for online purposes, content creators need to “put themselves in the audiences seat” and ask themselves: Would this video catch my attention in a short period of time and make me have enough interest to want to buy into their services and products ?

Various elements go into creating great video content that gets good engagement with audiences;

  • A clear storyboard and timeline so that video footage can be filmed and edited in a manner that best fits the delivery of the advertising message.
  • High quality video footage with good composition and camera angles.
  • Transitions that are aesthetically edited between frame changes.
  • Audible sound quality for talking & narration and subtitles or close captions for users who may watch your video on mute.
  • Background music to add a tone & “feel” to the production as well as to bring consistency in frame changes.
  • Editing out as much irrelevant information as possible, clips that don’t do any justice to the brand message should be cut out to save time.

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