We create custom, tailored social media strategies that are suited for your specific business needs. Social Media is a huge and growing market place with great potential for businesses to both advertise their products and services as well as gain valuable market insights into their customers.

Social Media for business use is vastly different from social media for personal use. At P+H, we know how to keep your businesses presence social via online platforms, whilst still maintaining a professional brand identity.

P+H creates social media content that is eye catching and appealing for users to view and engage with. Consistency is key with social media. Our strategies ensure that potential customers are constantly reminded of your services.

Our strategies are based on up to the minute research into the various platforms and operating algorithms. These ensure our post reach is on average 80% higher than the average business pages rates.

Each post we create has a specific goal and desired outcome. The success of these are detailed in weekly reports. Our social media strategies are assessed and tweaked weekly to ensure that every post we create is in line with the over arching marketing plan and delivering on our pre-set social media goals.