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What is Umhlanga Specials + Ballito Specials all About?

Umhlanga Specials and Ballito Specials are Facebook pages that promotes the specials on offer in and around the Umhlanga area and Ballito area.

The concept is simple: each day we feature the specials you can find at restaurants in the area.

This promotes our followers to eat out more regularly at prices that fit into their budget.

Why restaurants should become a part of Umhlanga Specials + Ballito Specials?

1. It’s Free to Advertise Your Business

You won’t pay a thing! All we ask is for you to send us the details of the specials your restaurant has each week.

2. It’s Easy to have Your Specials Seen

There is nothing complex about it! Simply pop us an email with the relevant information and we will post t to our page on the appropriate day. We will even tag your restaurant in the post.


3. It’s Targeted to the Area

We are targeting followers who live in the relevant areas and enjoy eating out. Our restaurant base will allow you to reach individuals looking to eat out within your restaurants catchment area.

To find out more, visit our Facebook page:
www.facebook.com/umhlangaspecials or www.facebook.com/ballitospecials

Or contact Pontsho on evolve@pistolandhoney.co.za

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