Google Ads also known as Google Adwords is a form of PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click)

It’s a great way to market and advertise your business, generate leads and convert sales through your website. Google Ads campaigns can be used as an alternative solution to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), as PPC Ads will fast track the results and your business will rank higher in Google search results without all the finicky backend editing and waiting that goes into SEO. Google Ads are highly effective and will give you instant results.

Increase your website traffic and sales with Google Ads

How does Google Ads Work ?

Pay per click advertising is exactly that – You only pay when someone clicks through to your website. If they don’t click on your ad, then you don’t pay at all. Google Ads, are however, a little more complexed than you would think and it is recommended that you use a Google Ads specialist if you are want to operate an effective advertising campaign that is well optimized, generates a good return on investment and creates legitimate sales leads for your company. Google Ads come in different mediums; text, image and video

What will Google Ads cost ?

With Google Ads you specify a budget and can spend as much as you want to spend on your campaign. The results vary depending on how much you put it. The more budget you put in, the more website traffic and sales leads you will get from it.

There are various different types of Google Ads;

Search Ads:
When someone goes on Google and searches for a keyword or phrase that is related to your company’s products or services, your text ads will be displayed in the search results.

Display Ads:
These ads come in both text and image form and are either displayed as banners or on the side of pages on various websites that are affiliated and approved with Google Ad Sense.

Video Ads:
These show up on YouTube either as a viewing suggestion for audiences or will automatically start playing as a sponsored Ad at the beginning of other videos on Youtube.

Shopping Ads:
These ads operate in conjunction with Google Merchant and will display your products from your online shop in Google search results.

App Ads:
These ads both text, image and video show up across Google’s networks and encourage users of smartphone and tablet devices to download your app.

Why use a specialist in Google Ads rather than doing it myself ?

There are several factors involved in getting a Google Ads Campaign performing just right for for company, for example;
Using the keywords and search terms that are not in line with how your potential customers would search for your business will result in irrelevant clicks through to your website and wasted budget, identifying and removing negative keyphrases prevents this from happening. Google Ads with text copy that is not worded in a manner that aligns well with your services and with your campaign keywords may also come off as deceiving and result in you missing out on valuable clicks, leads and sales. Because of Google Ads uses a bidding system for search terms in campaigns, certain keywords and phrases are highly competitive due to the marketplace, there will be other companies out there who are bidding on the same keywords and this will drive the cost per click up.

Knowing how to create an ad set, copywriting ad text, design graphics, create video elements, bid on keywords and analyzing campaign data are all very important aspects of running an effective Google Ads campaign that will make your company money. Operating and managing PPC advertising for your business can be a fulltime job that can require a lot of time, outsourcing a Google Ads expert from a marketing agency is often the best way to go about getting it right.

Google Ads Campaigns
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