1. Meet + Greet:

The first step in the process is to meet with you and find out more about your business, your business goals and your budget. We can do this meeting in person or online for our international clients.

2. Research:

Pistol + Honey research your company, the industry you are in, as well as your competitors. We compile all of the information we glean into a research document, which we then use to to assist us in our marketing plan.

3. Plan + Budget:

The next step is to develop a tailored marketing plan and marketing budget for you, based on the information we receive in our meeting with you as well as the research we conducted. We provide individually tailored marketing plans for each of our clients, based on their businesses specific requirements, growth cycle and budget.

4. Campaign Rollout:

After receiving the go ahead from you, we launch straight into the implementation of the plan you have approved. We provide you with a monthly marketing schedule that details exactly what we will be implementing on every day of the month. This allows you to monitor the progress from your side. We work on fast, responsive lead times and are able to get started immediately on projects.

5. Reporting:

We provide our clients with weekly and monthly reports on all of their results. This allows you to remain up to date with all of your campaign results and their progress. These reports also allow for us to evaluate the progress of the campaigns we are implementing and adjust them as needs be for optimum results.

6. Results:

The last part of this cycle is the simplest: sit back and enjoy the results of having your marketing managed by Pistol + Honey, the Digital Experts. Our results are what set us apart!

Real Value: Four Experts for the Price of One

We are regularly asked about the benefits are of hiring P+H as your digital agency versus having an in house employee or using a freelancer.

Here are the benefits of working with us:


We work with your budget and your business goals to provide you with a custom digital solution. Our custom solution meets your business where it is now and aids your growth, taking you to where you wish to be. Our services provide you with a comparative rate to hiring an in house employee.

Hassel Free:

Unlike hiring an employee and engaging in all of the administration surrounding employees (leave, performance reviews, administration, HR, the possibility of unreliable and inappropriate staff); by outsourcing you avoid all of these headaches. Services are able to be terminated with one months notice, and there is no down-time due to leave or long-term commitments.

A Team of Digital Experts for the Price of One:

Digital Marketing is such a fast growing and complex area to specialise in. There are constant changes and developments within this world. There are also very many different aspects to it. 

Much like when working with numbers, you will have one person who is an accountant, another who is a mathematician, another who is a forex trader and so on. You will not find one person who specialises in accounting, pure maths and forex trading, because it is too much for one person to specialise in.

Digital marketing too has several complex areas that are regularly developing and changing. It is not possible for one person to specialise in each area, as the subject matter is too dense.

For this reason it is very advantageous to have a team of experts who are able to effectively manage each aspect of your digital portfolio.

With Pistol + Honey, you receive a team of industry experts for the price of one:


This means that you get the best of the best digital service.

Let us know how our team can help you reach your business goals and be a part of your businesses success story today.

We tailor our services according to your budget and requirements, providing you with the best option for your business.