What The Facebook

In an age of multiple digital opportunities, why is it that so many businesses still choose to focus their attention on Facebook alone? On the rare occasion that I stop working and enter a social situation, as soon as business owners find out that I own a digital agency I undoubtedly get asked the same questions:

Version 1: Oh… can you take a look at my businesses Facebook?
Version 2: So does this Facebook thing really work?
Version 3: Oh yes – our business is on Facebook.

Once I have conducted a quick digital education highlighting the expansive realm of digital and explained how social media is only a small aspect of the spectrum; the topic is always steered back to Facebook and its application with their business. Facebook is great, and it definitely has its role in digital solutions. It is still the most used and subscribed to social media platform. However, I can almost guarantee you (even knowing nothing about your business) that Facebook is not the complete digital solution for it. I have often heard people saying that they tried Facebook for their business and while it ate away at a lot of their time, their business did not benefit from it and it had no effect on their sales. For this reason, they decide digital marketing is not for them.


For the purpose of this article – let’s assume their Facebook was executed perfectly (even though we both know it probably wasn’t because it was not done by Pistol + Honey). There is a good chance that Facebook would not have been able to assist them in reaching their goals or providing them with the deliverables that they so desired. Why you may ask… because Facebook is a vehicle. A specific vehicle. Let’s call Facebook a car. Cars are awesome. Cars get you places. Cars can really help you with traveling. However – if you are looking to get to Europe, a car would not be the best or most cost-effective way of getting there. Should you wish to cross a river, again I would not recommend you use a car for this. It is imperative that businesses receive the best digital strategy to get them to their desired destination. If I am going to visit my clients in England; I know I need to take a car and an airplane to get there. Most of my budget will be spent on the airplane trip and not on the car trip. I can easily work this out, because I know where I want to go and what I want to achieve. Knowing this, I can plan and budget for the best route to take me there. The world of digital offers so many possibilities for businesses to grow and reach their target market and increase their sales hugely. However sticking to this same analogy, you do require certain drivers in place:

  1. Put petrol in the tank: you need to put some money in to enable your digital to get some forward motion.
  2. Road map/GPS: you need to know where you want to end up and have a route planned with goals and deliverables in place.
  3. You need a driver: there are so many different facets to digital, you really need a team of experts to drive your digital forward, if you want to go the distance and have your brand make an impact
  4. Service your car: we analyse our results weekly and have strategy session for each of our clients monthly. If you are not doing this, you cannot expect your digital to run as smoothly or cost-effectively as possible.

Facebook is not some magic genie that can actualise all of your digital expectations. The answer is not: to change your expectations of digital: you CAN achieve lead generation, increased sales, brand awareness and brand loyalty with digital. The answer is: to start expanding your digital tool kit. If you are looking for assistance for getting your digital marketing optimised and reaching your brands goals; or maybe you just want a digital audit to assess where you are at, give us a shout. We want to be a part of your brands success story!

Facebook Social Media Campaign

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