Founded in 2017, Pistol + Honey is a small digital agency based in Umhlanga offering our services to both local (is lekker) and international clients. We take our clients business goals and create an effective digital strategy that actualises these.

Led by Boss Lady, Chloe-Simone Hofmann (BA, PGDM UCT) , P+H comprises of a growing team of industry specialists with a collective 21 years digital marketing experience from the management team alone.

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective digital solutions for your business. Pistol + Honey allows you to focus on running your business, by effectively and impressively managing your digital marketing portfolio.

Our goal is to be an instrumental part of your businesses success story. 

Pistol + Honey is experienced in working in a diverse range of industries.


The Big Dogs: Our Management Team 

Pistol + Honey: Founder Members

Entertainment, Inspiration, Cuddles + Comfort

Pistol + Honey are the canine counterparts to Boss Lady, Chloe. Weighing in at five kilograms each, these two Miniature Pinschers are the delight of our office. Their very important roles include lying in the sun, barking at the monkeys, making us laugh + attempting to steal all + any food we eat.

Chloe-Simone Hofmann: Boss Lady

Strategy; Copy Writing + Client Service

Pistol + Honey was started by Chloe-Simone Hofmann, who has been building a marketing and advertising career for over a decade. After completing her studies at the University of Cape Town (undergraduate – Psychology, Media and Writing Studies; postgraduate – Business Management specialising in Marketing and Advertising) she quickly rose to the top of her industry due to her passion for innovation, love for problem solving and the pleasure she takes in creating success for her clients. Her previous roles include Client Service Director at a leading Cape Town advertising agency, and Head of Marketing for an International Foreign Exchange company.

Andy Kerr: Number Two 

Websites, Online Stores, SEO + Google Ads

Andy Kerr is an invaluable member of the Pistol + Honey management team. Andy completed his tertiary studies through Varsity College, Vega Branding School and Durban University of Technology where he received qualifications in Marketing, Project Management, Statistics, Broadcasting and Photography. While studying, Andy freelanced on several digital marketing projects for various SME’s and government entities. Shortly after qualifying from his studies Andy was elected Programs Director for Durban Youth Radio (DYR) and remained in control of operations at the station for five years. Andy joined Pistol + Honey in a junior position and quickly earned himself a prominent position in the company. His unrivalled work ethic, skill set, commitment and dedication to each of our clients’ portfolios sets him apart.

Puppy Love: Our #WorkFam

Pontsho Molefe: Social Soul Sister 

Social Media + Content Creation

Pontsho Molefe is an intelligent, ambitious and eloquent member of our team. She graduated with a Software Development diploma from Durban University Technology in 2017. Pontsho has a love for all things social media. She is always researching and scouring the internet to make sure the campaigns we release are not only effective business tools for our clients, but also on trend.

Hayley Richards: Creative Cuzzie 

Graphic Design, Photography + Videography

Hayley Richards is our resident creative genius. Hayley initially graduated with a BA in Fashion Design, and then went on to focus her creative flow in the graphic design sphere. She takes our strategic plans, written brand stories and barely determinable doodles and turns them into effective and eye-catching works of art.

Justyn Ebben: Collaboration Coordinator

Sales + Client Service

Justyn is the newest member of our team. The rest of us focus on making digital magic for our phenomenal clients. Justyn focuses on finding new businesses we can assist by helping them reach their business goals through truly powerful digital marketing. Justyn has a long background in sales and client service and is helping us enlarge our business, expand our territory and grow.

Coco, Milo + Toffee: Office Security 

Monkey Patrol, Sniff Testing + Stranger Danger Authentication

Our latest canine additions to the office, these three Jack Russells are alert at all times and ready for action. In their spare time they enjoy hunting for snakes, rats and geckos as well as lying on their backs and sunning their bellies. 

On a Mission

We are Pistol + Honey.

+ We are passionate about helping Businesses Grow and Thrive. 

+ It’s our honour to help businesses from the little guys, the underdog, the newbie to the established, the well-known and the leader in their field. 

+ We believe that it is not big budgets that determine marketing greatness, but rather brilliant strategy, creative thinking and integrated solutions.

+ We are committed to provide each and every one of our clients with work that we are proud of – no matter how big or small their budgets.

+ We constantly strive to be the best at what we do, and to consistently outshine our competitors.

+ We absolutely love what we do!

+ It is our privilege to do what we do every day. 

+ We appreciate that every day is a blessing and intend on living this day and loving this day to the fullest.

+ When we lose our way, when we forget why we do this, when we feel overwhelmed, we will take a few minutes, sit in the garden and think back to our purpose and our goals. Then we will return back to work with a renewed excitement and peace about why we do what we do.

+ We will support one other like a family. We will have one others backs, be completely honest with one another and work together to achieve greatness.

+ We will laugh, every hour. We will never take ourselves too seriously and always focus on the positive and the silver lining. Our work space will be one of happiness and anticipation for the great things to come.

“I have come so that they may have life and life in abundance.” – Jesus (John 10:10)

+ We will live abundant lives and not let anything get in the way of the abundant life that has been promised to us.